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Reactive Web Components (RWC)


rwc (BETA)

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RWC is tiny framework for creating web-components that is heavily inspired by ELM. The approach is an attempt to find a balance between a scalable paradigm and performance.


npm install rwc --save


A component is made up of Four pure functions.

  • init() : Provides the initial state S of the component.
  • update(a: Action, s: State): A reducer function like that in [Redux] that takes an input state and based on the action returns a new output state.
  • view(e: Emitter, s: State): The view function converts the state into a virtual DOM tree. Additionally it also gets an instance of the Emitter that can be used to handle events.
  • command(a: Action, s: State): The command() function is like the update() function except that it return an object of type Command.


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window-or-global ^1.0.1

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