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Tetsuya Mori

Live Localizer widget for Polymer i18n-behavior

Text Formatter with CLDR Plural rules and Gender support for I18N

Preprocess Polymer templates and extract UI strings to JSON for build-time I18N with i18n-behavior

Add placeholder JSON files for target locales for i18n-behavior

I18N Base Element for Polymer 2.x (work in progress)

XLIFF to/from JSON converter for Polymer i18n-behavior

Perform integrated I18N processes for Polymer i18n-behavior at once

Wrapper element for Intl.NumberFormat

Instant I18N of raw HTML texts for Polymer

Merge changes in default JSON into localized JSON for Polymer I18N with i18n-behavior

Thin Polymer syntax for ES6

Class-based branching test scenario runner for mocha

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