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The awesome-slider Vanilla JS custom element web component is a cool option to quickly add a slider/banner/gallery to yo...

High-level VR markup for building scenes

The meme element for modern web

Material style `floating action button menu` with Polymer

Responsive grid custom element using Polymer and Flexbox

A polymer element for using ajax to upload files

An Emoji html custom element that lets you use descriptive names in place of unicode!

Fork this repo if you want to start your own Web Component using X-Tag

Core elements

A web-component for parallax

Lazy-load content and lazy-register pages to reduce the first load time

Reactive Web Components (RWC)

Web Component wrapper for tracking.js API using Polymer

A what-you-see-is-what-you-get editor created with Polymer

The Simplest Scroll Area Component with custom scrollbar for Vue Js.

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