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A Custom Element for rendering Markdown built with Polymer

Polymer filters for formatting values of expressions.

Web component that fit elements into a grid using bin-packing, in a masonry-like way. Similar to what pinterest and othe...

☔️✨ A Polymer element that makes it rain emoji

iron-data-table is a Web Component for displaying data as a table or grid. Built on top of iron-list using Polymer.

A web component to display Pokémon.

Vuestrap Javascript wrapper for Bootstrap 4 components.

Web Component wrapper for getUserMedia API using Polymer

Material design UI elements implemented using Polymer

A Polymer element for a searchable, sort-able, paginate-able, inline-editable, select-able, copy-able, removable data ta...

YouTube video playback web component

[Deprecated] A Polymer element for querying the Instagram API (Note: not yet updated to Polymer 0.5.x)

Comprehensive set of high-quality web components for common user interface patterns

Responsive images using Imager.js and Polymer

Polymer Element wrapper for Handsontable data grid editor

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