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Marcus Hitchins



Element for server-less search using lunr.js library.



Gets the rate of a hotel from https://book.api.ean.com/


Displays a QR code using https://github.com/neocotic/qrious


polymer 1.0 element gets geohash from google-map

`<json-select>` json select wapper

takes in a git log and outputs amount of time spent on a project with 30 minutes at the Beginning commit to the last com...

Get information about a link by passing the HTML Returned

makes FAB menu to give users options

display date

button to download multiple text files in a zip

Protecting data with data redundancy.

laterooms rate getter

Let's you edit markdown and see the result side-by-side. @demo demo.html

Displays md files form a list of files as a file

saves update data after a delay

displays card


Wrap this around a something with a quantity.

polymer molecule element for dmauro/Keypress

add two arrays

Let me help you conjure a new element

send a link by Email

HTML input for image

a source view dialog box

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