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Polymer element boilerplate

Element for creating and accessing self-organizing meta-databases

Business elements

Core elements

Element that displays a single icon

Represents a source of icons expressed as a collection of inline SVGs

Adds collapsible behavior to a target element

A Material Design panel with top and bottom panes

Data binding for a CSS Media Query

A Material Design two-section responsive panel

Common behaviors used across paper-* elements.

A Material Design toolbar/appbar

A reusable landing page for elements

A Material Design popup toast

Material Design tabs

Web component wrapper for chart.js (chartjs.org)

Implements an element validated with Polymer.IronValidatorBehavior

Fancy scrolling effects where the header animates between tall and condensed states

An unstyled element that works similarly to a native browser select

A Polymer element that manages binding to the page's URL.

Polymer behavior that allows to define a scroller target

Elements that implement special effects

Element for a virtual, "infinite" list

Prism-based syntax highlighting

A Material Design toggle button

Element wrapper for the marked library

Push Notifications with Polymer

Utility classes to make testing easier

Textarea that grows in height as more lines of input are entered

A Material Design progress

Simple content switcher

Makes an element a Material Design dialog

A scrollable area used in a Material Design dialog

An input element that only allows credit card numbers

Custom form element

A basic element implementation of iron-a11y-keys-behavior

An element that helps with announcing text through screen readers.

A Material Design tooltip

Implements an element that has a checked attribute and can be added to a form

Material Design status descriptors for elements

Application level elements

Shared styles for Material Design elements

Polymer documentation viewer elements

Service Worker Polymer element

A button à la Material Design

Managing a numeric value within a given range

Accessible menu behavior

Fits an element into another element

A Material Design slider

Makes an element an overlay with an optional backdrop

An input element that only allows credit card expiration dates

Behavior that enables an element to be included in an iron-form

Molecule elements

Material Design list items

A set of icons for use with iron-icon

Image element with sizing and preloading options

A Material Design container that looks like a lifted piece of paper

Manages a list of elements that can be selected

Material design UI elements implemented using Polymer

Material Design circular activity indicator

A material design floating action button

Loads jsonp libraries.

An input element that only allows cvc codes

A behavior that enables keybindings for greater a11y

An input element that only allows emails

An input element that only allows US zip codes

A Material Design dialog

Force a redirect to HTTPS when not on a local web server.

A version of the <label> element that works with Custom Elements as well as native elements.

A container that allows any of its nested children to be swiped away.

A Material Design menu

A Material Design radio button

A Material Design checkbox

Represents a source of icons expressed as a raster sprite sheet

Easily make ajax requests

Style mixins for cross-platform flex-box layouts

A group of Material Design radio buttons

A Material Design text field

An input with data binding

Publish-subscribe functionality

A Material Design icon button

Access to localStorage

An element that allows composing a trigger and content as a dropdown menu.

Implements a custom input or form validator

Polymer + Web Animations

An input element that only allows phone numbers

A Material Design browser select element

Utility classes to make building demo pages easier

WIP redesign of the Material Design input fields.

A color picker with all the Material Design colours

Polymer behaviour to help internationalize your application

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