5 Best Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Settings

Mastering Your Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Experience with the Best Settings

As one of the most popular true wireless earbuds in the market, Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Pro have taken audio quality to a new level. With their impressive sound signature, long battery life, and sleek design, it’s no wonder that many users are eager to obtain the most out of this exceptional product. To help you unlock its full potential, we’ll explore five essential settings that will elevate your listening experience.

1. Sound Mode: Adapt

For those who want a more balanced sound experience, Samsung’s Adaptive sound mode is an excellent choice. This setting analyzes ambient noise levels and adjusts the audio in real-time to optimize vocal clarity and overall tonality. By switching to this mode, you’ll notice that music sounds smoother, with better separation between different instruments.


  • Try it with genres like pop or rock for enhanced vocal performance.
  • Use it during calls for improved speech quality.
  • For best results, make sure the ambient noise is moderate (around 30-40 dB).

2. Volume Adjustment: Loudness Correction

One common issue with earbuds is that they can amplify background noises instead of focusing on music or voices. To mitigate this effect and ensure you’re always getting a clear listening experience, activate the Loudness Correction setting.

This feature dynamically adjusts audio levels based on the input signal to prevent harsh sounds from overwhelming your ears. Whether you’re watching videos or taking hands-free calls, this correction ensures that volume is maintained consistently throughout.


  • For music playback, adjust the loudness correction to +3 dB (default) for optimal performance.
  • When calling or listening to podcasts, consider adjusting it to -3 dB for better speech clarity.
  • Be cautious of overly compressing sound; leave some dynamic range intact for a more natural experience.

3. Ambient Aware: Active Noise Cancellation

For the most immersive audio experiences, enable the Ambient Awareness setting. This feature utilizes microphones and advanced algorithms to continuously monitor ambient noise levels, applying subtle adjustments to maintain an optimal listening environment.

By toggling this switch on, you’ll notice improved noise isolation during flights, in noisy cafes, or while working from home. The earbuds will subtly adapt sound waves to better suit your surroundings.


  • Test Ambient Aware with various ambient noise levels (e.g., traffic or conversation) and compare results.
  • For more dramatic results, adjust the active noise cancellation level (+3 dB default).
  • Note that excessive ambient noise might require adjustments to your volume settings for optimal experience.

4. Soundshare Mode: Easy Pairing

Sharing music and audio content with friends just got a whole lot simpler thanks to Samsung’s innovative SoundShare mode. This feature allows you seamlessly pair two Galaxy Buds Pro units or link them with compatible devices (e.g., smartphones, tablets) using Bluetooth.

For spontaneous jam sessions, movie nights, or even guided meditation classes – this setting simplifies audio sharing without the need for manual pairing processes.


  • Ensure both earbuds are within range and connected to your device for a seamless connection.
  • Use SoundShare when playing video game soundtracks or sharing podcasts with friends.
  • Don’t forget to set up SoundShare on your device before connecting the earbuds.

5. Bixby Voice Assistant: Quick Controls

In today’s fast-paced world, convenience is king. Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Pro allow you to quickly control various functions using simple voice commands powered by their integrated Bixby virtual assistant.

With this setting activated, simply say “Hi Bixby” or hold the earbuds close and use your normal speaking tone for effortless adjustments:

  • Adjust volume (e.g., “Increase volume”).
  • Skip tracks (“Next track”).
  • Pause playback (“Pause”).


  • Configure Bixby’s wake-word to suit your preferences.
  • Use voice control in situations where physical access might be limited, like when cooking or driving.

By mastering these five settings, you’ll unlock the full potential of Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Pro and discover a world of crystal-clear audio and seamless connectivity. Whether enjoying immersive soundscapes during exercise sessions, enhancing video game experiences with 3D Audio effects, or simply streaming your favorite tunes – this earbud masterpiece is poised to revolutionize your listening habits forever.

Elevating Your Listening Experience

By embracing these five essential settings for Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Pro, you’ll be well on your way to experiencing unparalleled sound quality and intuitive connectivity. From refined audio tuning to effortless ambient noise management, the possibiliteis are endless with this cutting-edge earbud technology. So why wait? Dive into a world of exceptional listening experiences and discover what it truly means to have music at your fingertips!